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Sectors of Expertise
In business, one thing is for certain – no two clients are alike.  Geographical, political, financial, operational, etc., differences will always remain.  Alluvion’s team of experienced professionals brings a diversity of experience and is qualified to handle a variety of clients with specialized needs. In addition, because of our local organizational structure, we are uniquely focused on meeting your objectives.

We’re continually developing and growing in our scope of knowledge, advancing our depth of expertise in public finance, so that we may handle any issue associated with municipal financing including:  territories, states, counties, cities, townships, school districts, authorities, and other entities.

We remain concentrated on individual practices, specialized knowledge, and experience.   We also offer our clients the ability to access a combination of resources as needed.

School districts face a constant dilemma:  Build and fund better schools while keeping spending down.

  • Alluvion works with districts throughout the Southeast, advising plans made up by millions of dollars in long-term structured financing. 
  • Alluvion is involved in tax and revenue anticipation note bond issuance, which can and will help your school district meet seasonal funding needs.
  • We adapt our expertise on current and advance refunding for school districts to meet required objectives of our client.

Every year, there are new laws and added layers of regulation as well as shifting constraints, which create challenges in the healthcare sector’s financial operations and capital-raising efforts. 

  • Alluvion recognizes the unique financing needs and the regulatory environment of the healthcare industry.  Our insight and experience at the state, local, and national levels, looks at every challenge in search of opportunities.
  • We have expertise of every type of financing technique, legal structure, and implication of credit quality that allows us to address your needs.
  • With proprietary software, Alluvion is at the forefront in application of financial innovation to the healthcare industry.
  • Alluvion constantly monitors healthcare reimbursement, non-profit and pertinent law passage, assuring that financing will be responsive to each institution's situation and long-term strategic objective.

Higher Education
Alluvion Securities has long recognized the unique and critical financing needs of higher education.  Our experience spans virtually every type of financing technique, legal structure, and credit quality. 

As will all other sectors, Alluvion constantly monitors higher education’s legal and accounting environments to assure that financing is responsive to each institution's business situation and long-range objectives.

Public Power
Regulations, fuel Prices and environmental concerns are three key factors that constantly make the economics of the industry more difficult, while demand for facilities continues to grow.

How can municipal power providers build the required infrastructure, remain flexible for future opportunities, and still maintain competitive rates and a healthy balance sheet? 

Proper implementation can help municipal power providers develop strategies to leverage their access to low-cost, tax-exempt financing.  Alluvion will help agencies utilize their key competitive advantages required to gain customers in the open market. 

Projections may call for new money financing, open market tender programs, negotiated advance refunding, direct private placement, renewable energy financing, or fuel prepayment.  Alluvion will provide support using every resource of our experienced and knowledgeable team to accomplish your goals.

Solid Waste
With more environmental regulations, routine requirements, increased public inspection, managing municipal waste disposal has become an ever complex and expensive task.

However, Alluvion can help.  We've been a key advisor to solid waste clients on countless financings.  From an original focus on waste-to-energy facility projects, Alluvion's focus now includes composting, recycling, transfer-station, and landfill projects.

Whether it is a publicly or privately owned project, our client’s interests are represented. For this we’ll negotiate contracts on behalf of entities with recycling firms, landfill operators, and/or resource-recovery vendors.

These are high-profile projects that will unite a community.  Whether it is a sport venue/park, centers of convention, or buildings for public assembly, these are also projects that can have serious risks:  mismanaged financings can undermine any project, and a positive outcome usually depends on the support of both public and private entities.

Alluvion has experience advising all types of public assembly facilitates that meet the objectives of each specific public/private venture.  Our experience includes:

  • Hotel financing
  • Sports facilities and convention center credit structures
  • Urban redevelopment projects and mixed-use facilities
  • Arenas, stadiums, and convention center financings
  • Revenue-secured debt financings for all of the above

Understanding the local community, local regulations, and local politics is a must for these types of transactions. In addition, obtaining the amount of necessary economic backing for a high-profile project is not just about numbers.  It is about sensitivity in understanding relationships among countless public and private interests. 

Let us help in the process.  With Alluvion you can be assured you will receive the assistance you need throughout the transaction.


State Revolving Funds (SRF)
Alluvion brings to the table ideas that have developed new state pools and SRF programs, enabling improved efficiency and effectiveness on pre-existing, mature, stable programs.  Our knowledge consists of much more than financial advice and assistance associated solely with one transaction.  Our outlook allows us to become fully in-sync with the client’s field of business, enabling us to coordinate solutions that meet your goals and objectives.

It doesn’t matter if the locality is heavily populated or rural, Alluvion will offer focused financial advice that takes into account past, current, and future expectations.

Alluvion creates and implements SRF and pooled loan programs throughout the nation as a result of our expertise, which includes:

  • State match funding sources
  • Leveraging structures: reserve fund, cash flow, and hybrid models
  • 30-year financing extensions
  • Variable rate debt and derivative products concerning asset/liability management
  • Asset management strategies to maximize total program returns
  • Cross-collateral and other security enhancements
  • Optimization of available program security including equity funds, loan collateralization, moral obligation pledges, and state intercept mechanisms
  • In depth understanding of EPA Regulations
  • Federal and state legal issues (i.e. IRS regulations, solutions to address TIPRA, etc…)
  • Senior/subordinate structures

Infrastructure is important to any city, yet transportation systems seem to be taken for granted, until it’s time to build or improve.  Regardless of the difficulties, Alluvion makes sure that financing is not an obstacle and is handled in the most efficient manner.  Our sectors of experience and focus include:

State DOTs and Highway Agencies - Alluvion's team has served numerous transportation agencies, from highway revenue bond securities to the development of State Infrastructure Banks, and various DBOM programs.

Toll Agencies - Our experience ranges from difficult stand-alone start-up toll roads to mature turnpike system credits, and TIFIA programs with various senior/subordinate lien structures.

Mass Transit- We help clients to secure traditional grant funding, but we are also skilled in combining alternative funding techniques.  Options may include tax benefit transfers, leveraged FTA funds, joint development and privatization, and/or rolling stock lease financing.

Airports -   Alluvion has helped airport clients with financing structures, including the use of variable-rate structures and interest-rate swaps to better manage private bond issuance.

Seaports -  Our team is more than adept to assist public seaport clients.   We have helped with a variety of port facilities' net revenue bonds and special purpose facility bonds with the backing of private port operator/shipping company corporate guarantees.

Public/Private Partnerships - In order to provide alternative sources of capital for transportation projects that face limited resources, Alluvion's efforts have continually been innovative in using private funding techniques in their application to the municipal sector.

In all cases, Alluvion offers a full-scope approach, preparing a game plan and giving guidance on all possible funding sources.  We can handle the credit rating process and implementation of your debt program, helping you then to properly invest bond proceeds and other reserve funds.

Water and Wastewater
The natural environment is always changing, but it’s the changes in the fiscal environment that have water and wastewater agencies the most concerned.

Our clients are facing increasingly stringent constraints on revenue, funding, and financing sources.

Alluvion finds solutions for wholesale and retail water agencies, wastewater entities, and agencies that deal with flood control, irrigation, storm-water, and water reclamation.  Our expertise includes the following:

    • Alluvion has created several DWRFs (Drinking Water Revolving Funds)
    • As with all of our projects we are experts in rate modeling, debt management, and general financing.
    • Alluvion develops unique capital planning options, financing options, and financial management programs, handling all documentation requirements for financial plans and financing transactions.


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